Software Crypter

A software crypter is the type of crypter program to get if you need to protect your software.

The benefits of a software crypter can keep your software safe and secure by crypting the contents and using encryption algorithms to crypt and hide the code.

Software crypters can be used to crypt software protecting it from

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Piracy / Theft
  • Antivirus Notifications

Crypter Software Download

crypter software

There are many crypter softwares on the web that you can download although the type of crypting software differs based on:

  • The type of software you are trying to crypt
  • The type of protection you need

The reason why it is important to take note of the type of crypter software before downloading one is because you may end up with a crypter that has the latest and greatest encryption algorithms, only to realize the protection scheme used interferes with the software you are trying to crypt. Some software such as remote administration tools or monitoring software may append data to what is called EOF, or to the “end of file”. If the crypter software your downloading corrupts the EOF data, then the software will become corrupt.

If crypting RAT’s or Keyloggers is what your aiming toward, then make sure the crypter software supports EOF.

Types of Crypter Software

If you are looking for crypter software to protect your applications from reverse engineering, then make sure the software is created by a reputable source that has extensive experience in security and encryption.

If you are looking for a crypter to resolve antivirus conflicts and prevent antivirus notifications from appearing, you need to look for an FUD crypter. FUD stands for “fully undetectable” The difficulty with this solution is actually finding a truly FUD crypter software. Most FUD crypters on the web lack code integrity and are not properly maintained and updated consistently to combat antiviruses. Although not all hope is lost. There is one crypter that does this best and it is called CypherX crypter.

We only recommend people to CypherX if their looking for an FUD Crypter that they can actually rely on because it is the only quality crypter online. CypherX is well maintained by professional developers that have years of specialized experienced in the area of protection, encryption, and antiviruses.