DarkComet Crypter

Just to be clear for those who are unfamiliar, Darkcomet is not a Crypter. It is a RAT (remote administration tool) that is commonly used to remotely spy on the victims computers by taking screen captures, key-logging, or password cracking (according to Wikipedia). Darkcomet is a quality RAT that was developed to be highly stable, fast, and include most essential features. Therefore, it is considered one of the best freely available RATs to download, which is why so many people try to find a crypter for it.

I get asked many times about where to find a DarkComet crypter, and the answer is that there is no official “Darkcomet Crypter”, though many crypters should be able to successfully crypt it easily (but only few can fully FUD Darkcomet.) a Crypter like CypherX would be the best choice to crypt and FUD Darkcomet.

darkcomet crypter

The official DarkComet RAT project ended at v5.4.1 Legacy version due to legal reasons. In summary, the developer of Darkcomet, Jean-Pierre Lesueur (known as DarkCoderSc) stopped further development of Darkcomet due to it being linked to the Syrian conflict. Once he found this out, he stated, “I never imagined it would be used by a government for spying,” he said. “If I had known that, I would never have created such a tool.

Even though the offiial DarkComet RAT project has ended, it is found all over the web as “unofficial” versions or older versions. Due to the nature of RATs being detected as malware by Antivirus, hackers often take advantage of this, and integrate a RAT in the Darkcomet download itself. This can make it difficult to trust a download link of Darkcomet due to the nature of it being detected whether it’s safe or not.

For those that are interested, below is a video tutorial on how to setup and use Darkcomet 5.3.1 (proceed with caution / at your own risk). If you would like to also FUD Darkcomet, then you will need an FUD Crypter. I would suggest first reading a tutorial on crypters here. or buy a raliable FUD crypter like CypherX here.

Here are some of the features included in Darkcomet which you will find are typical in many RATs.

  • Spy Functions
    • Webcam Capture
    • Sound Capture
    • Remote Desktop
    • Keylogger
  • Network Functions
    • Active Ports
    • Network Shares
    • Server Socks5
    • LAN Computers
    • Net Gateway
    • IP Scanner
    • Url Download
    • Browse Page
    • Redirect IP/Port
    • WiFi Access Points
  • Computer Power
    • Poweroff
    • Shutdown
    • Restart
    • Logoff
  • Server Actions
    • Lock Computer
    • Restart Server
    • Close Server
    • Uninstall Server
    • Upload and Execute
    • Remote Edit Service
  • Update Server
    • From URL
    • From File

DarkComet also has some “Fun Features”

  • Fun Features
    • Fun Manager
    • Piano
    • Message Box
    • Microsoft Reader
    • Remote Chat