Crypter Tutorial – What is a Crypter?

What is a crypter?

Crypter not only encrypts software, it protects software in a way that makes it very difficult to reverse engineer. This provides unique protection from reverse engineering, piracy, and antivirus false positives.

What does FUD mean?

FUD stands for – Fully Undetected or Fully Undetectable

How can I obtain an FUD crypter?

Before considering going about obtaining an FUD crypter, there is one thing you should know, if you don’t already.

Just as Antivirus software will consistently release updates, all crypters must also do the same to prevent conflicts. The problem is that all “free” crypters and 90% of all other crypters sold on the web, are created by illegitimate sources. This means that the majority of these crypters are either of the following:

  • Only updated to stay undetectable for a short period of time.
  • Unreliable in various ways including lack of code protection and integrity.
  • Not suitable for professional use cases
  • Fake
  • Infested with dangerous malware.
  • List goes on…

Our mission here at, is to solve these quality issues by not only helping you understand more about crypters, but also providing you with a reliable solution so you can start undetecting software today!

If you would like a crypter that you can rely on, first it’s important to note if it’s for professional or personal use,

What Kind of Crypter is Suitable For You?

  • For personal use, we recommend CypherX Basic: Click Here
  • For professional uses such as remotely monitoring employees and penetration testing, you need a more reliable and suitable solution. For this we recommend CypherX Elite or CypherX Master packages: buy crypter here and receive the crypter download via email.

Whats the difference between a Runtime and Scantime Crypter?

A Runtime Crypter encrypts the specified file and when executed (ran), it is decrypted in memory. This way antiviruses aren’t able to analyse the file before executed and after executed.

A scantime Crypter encrypts the specified file so antiviruses aren’t able to analyse the file only before executed but NOT when executed.

How can I check which antiviruses detect a file?

There are many sites that offer file scanning and giving a report of antiviruses that detect it. One of the main issues causing crypters to eventually become detected is because after someone scans a crypted file on some of these scanner sites, the crypted files will then be distributed to the antivirus vendors.

What is EOF and what is it used for?

EOF stands for End Of File. Some files like Bifrost, Medusa, and Cybergate require the end of file data in order to run without corruption, So If Crypters Don’t Preserve this end of file data your crypted file will become corrupt.

What is a USG?

A USG is part of a crypter that generates a unique version of the stub (part of crypter used to encrypt and decrypt the specified file). The purpose of this is because FUD crypters don’t last forever and eventually crypters become detected after a period of time.