The Crypter BluePrint Guide – How to Make an FUD Crypter

 The Crypter BluePrint Guide

Crypter BluePrint Guide


Have You Ever Wanted To Make Your Own FUD Crypter But Didn’t Know Where to Start?

Then this is the solution that is going to change the way you’ve ever thought about crypters.

After reading and applying the steps from The Crypter BluePrint Guide, you will be able to make own crypter quickly, through a step by step process.

If your anything like I was, you are frustrated because you don’t know how to modify your own crypter whenever you need to, and are just not satisfied with other the crypters that you have used.

Not only that, but you love the sound of owning a slick crypter that you created yourself, and can update it whenever you need to.

Two Strategies People Use That Hardly Ever Work 

  • Reading through forums trying to get all there questions answered
  • Messaging people on forums asking for help

Ask yourself why you would crawl the internet doing all the hard work yourself, only to hope that you will end up make something that will work without errors? When instead, you could save time and frustration so that you can quickly get straight to undetecting your own crypter.

Crypter BluePrint – How To Get Started

You might be wondering:

  • Where do I start?
  • What if I end up doing it wrong and waste my time?
  • What if I barely know how to code, would I still be able to learn how to do this?

Then you came to the right place.

The Crypter BluePrint – How To Make an FUD Crypter And Stub

The process is laid out for you, in an easily understandable fashion, using pictures, links, and ordered steps.

Even if you barely know how to code, all you have to do is follow the step by step guide within The Crypter BluePrint Guide and you will learn the techniques and methods to be able to make and consistently update your very own crypter, even without having to code it all from scratch!

The Crypter Blueprint is a comprehensive and in-depth blueprint that is created in a way to make sure you will succeed in doing it right, while saving time in the process.

Some Table of Contents:

  • What really is a crypter? All the Core Fundamentals
  • Types and Forms of Crypters
  • Most Common Questions about Crypters – Answered
  • The #1 most imporant factors you should know about Crypters
  • The Antivirus vs Crypter Concept
  • What to always keep in mind when making an FUD Crypter
  • Vb6 and Crypters
  • Vb6 fundamentals
  • basic vb6 outline for creating a crypter
  • vb6 Crypter techniques blueprint
  • vb6 what to do and what not to do
  • The Antivirus Signatures Concept
  • Finding and pinpointing Whats causing detection
  • The Universal Undetection Process
  • tools and automation
  • What you will learn from Undetecting Crypters
  • keeping your Crypters undetected

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“So, pretty much this is the first time I review a eBook on this subject, but I already have a lot of information on crypters from personal experience. If I didn’t have any experience at all, this would have brought me to the same level. (Which I gained through years of searching, and reading, but this does bring you to the same level in matter of days!)”

“Overall a greatly written eBook – a must have.
Over all: 5/5

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 Is The Crypter BluePrint Guide Right For Me?

This ebook is perfect for the beginner that has just started learning about crypters, as well as the person who already has experience using a crypter. You may either have a lot or a very little amount of programming knowledge. That’s ok. This ebook features new and improved techniques, and methods for creating and maintaining undetected crypters with beginner and intermediate experienced people in mind. All common questions will be answered with in this complete package. The information presented to you is the real deal and is a valuable possession to have as you will never find anything else like this.