Crypter – #1 FUD Crypter (Fully Undetectable)

An FUD Crypter is what you need if you want to crypt and undetect your exe files. “FUD” is an acronym that refers to “fully undetectable”.

In this article, you will find out:

  • Why most software fail to crypt and FUD
  • Where to download the best crypter today
  • How to make a crypter

Crypting is not only used for malware, as it is mentioned here. It can also be used to protect software from reverse engineering, Piracy / theft, and can resolve antivirus conflicts.

Where Can I Download The Best FUD Crypter?

FUD crypter

Solving antivirus conflicts is a difficult task to solve. The reason why it is so difficult is because anti-viruses will consistently release updates that can continue to cause conflict. The problem with most crypters is that they are usually not consistently updated to stay protected from antiviruses. Not only that, but most are created by illegitimate sources which usually means the following:

  • They are updated to stay undetectable for only a temporary period of time.
  • Unreliable in many ways including lack of code protection and integrity.
  • Not suitable for professional use cases
  • Fake
  • Each crypt becomes infested with dangerous malware.

If you are looking for a software solution that you can rely on, then you came to the right place.

Our mission is to provide only the most quality and up to date crypters from years of experience in the field of cryptography, security, and protection. In other words, we make software that is actually FUD and works on most executables such as Remote Administration Tools.

If you need a crypter for personal or professional usage, our 2014 edition of CypherX has become the most trusted and widely popular option. Click Here to Download CypherX

If you need to monitor employees, penetration test, and or protect software, than you can count on CypherX to get the job done.
One of the great things about CypherX is that it is extremely easy to use. In just a few clicks you can crypt your exe, whether it’s a RAT, keylogger, or other kind of monitoring software, and bypass all antiviruses. The great thing about CypherX is that it also includes 2 cutting edge crypting engines to choose from so that you won’t have to worry about any dependencies or issues.

Crypter Bypasses Antiviruses in Just a Few Clicks

In the video above you can see an example of CypherX protecting Cybergate RAT, bypassing the antivirus called Avira very easily. This may seem pretty simple, but if you haven’t already realized, it can be very difficult to find FUD crypter software that works with your exe and is actually reliable. Keep reading to find out why  where to get the best one.